The old covers are loud, slow and above all pollutants (think fried). Thus was born the SAW technology developed by EWC Ltd., a modular system that includes various technical solutions that enable an effective process of cooking, a rationalization of the cooking technique (double-sided) and a reduction of the various components pollutants

The SAW is the pride of the EWC that in thirty years of experience, has been able to transform their merchandise to stay ahead of the times. Unique object because designed and made with care, dedication and patience.
Made with the finest steel is utility patents with a unique and unmistakable.
Specific features of the EWC are in addition to the achievement of a just equalization in value, the opportunity for our customers to a constant point of reference and safe in the time and opportunity for those who wisely chooses us, of a brilliant career in our staff as a manager, as a licensee or as an associate.
The SAW is intended to come into all the English and European cuisines. With the SAW tastes, the flavors are enhanced, the less time and especially with our merchandise pots breathe!


  • Deposited European patent SUW evolution
  • "S" SUW evolution filed as a trade mark
  • Patent for SUW evolution as a utility model
  • Application for SUW evolution as ornamental patent
  • Design Community for the knob
  • Demand for The Original Wonder Cooker Euro as ornamental patent
  • Design Community for the Euro The Original Wonder Cooker
  • "SUW" registered as a trade mark
  • "The Original Euro Wonder Cooker" registered as a trade mark
  • "Logo-brand EWC" registered as a trade mark

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